Beautifully intricate, each bridal dress emanates old Hollywood Glamor and vintage feel making it both luscious and trendy.  Each stunning dress, features silk fabric, delicately embellished with mini beads and mounted swarovski crystals. 

Cecile wedding dress is delightfully floaty and romantic. Created from light pure silk over layed on top of luxurious silk satin. Beautiful and flattering,The Cecile dress is perfect for those looking for something delicate, graceful and dainty vintage.

* The backside beading is done on tulle making it transparent ( lining on the back side is only below the waist)
* Fabric Color = Ivory
* Beading Colors = Combination  of silver / ivory and offwhite
* In the front, there are two bows tied to strands of beads  
* Small cap sleeves

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